Debugging Destiny

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This page lists the various characters of Debugging Destiny. Please be aware that there are potentially spoilers here! I list each character's first appearance so you can make try to avoid anyone you should not know about yet.

Redshirt Guy

Introduced: 1

Our intrepid protagonist - at least in the "real world". An unnamed programmer whose otherwise boring life got hijacked to, ahem, debug destiny.

The Mysterious Voice

Introduced: 1

Our bumbling narrator. An unnamed, unexplained entity that apparently ran the universe. It reached out to Redshirt Guy in what kicked off the story.


Introduced: 8

The only violet character. Baleyg is a bit of a jerk, but he's very honest about it. A prophet, or a wizard, or just a really good fake.

Special: The Void?


Introduced: 7

Our Protagonist (destiny says so). A newcomer and a stranger, a little gruff, but generally good at heart. According to Baleyg, he will be somewhat important.

Special: Stasis Field. Creatures and objects within range have their movement locked to King's.


Introduced: 36

The strongest man in the world. Lost through a portal as part of a great battle, and has since been subject to unknown and unfortunate consequences.

Special: Strength. Stronger than everyone. Can strike the ground to push everyone nearby away and stun them briefly.

Special: Rearrange. Can rearrange existing parts of the world.


Introduced: 25

The Queen of the Stallways, and a powerful warrior in her own right. Rather stilted and argumentative, despite her good intentions.

Special: Charge. Make a powerful attack and move instantly along a straight line.

Special: Summon. Can summon loyal knights. Also grants ability to teleport anyone in or out of her extradimensional castle.


Introduced: 32

An antagonist of unknown origin. Apparently eats people.

Special: Shadow-Walker. Can summon a shroud of shadow, preventing anyone but Osborne from seeing.

Special: Vampire. Can heal by damaging enemies.


Introduced: 28

An defector from Strider's group, now serving as advisor to Elizabeth. Generally jovial, but sharp as a tack.

Special: Magic Song. Can calm down enemies.

Special: Storied. Can identify most items, effects, and specials.


Introduced: 31

Elizabeth's general. A surprisingly calm and quiet man who nonetheless is a capable and efficient commander.

Special: Dispel. Emits a pulse that dispels magic and can cancel others' specials.


An unknown red character. Will be displayed as a Wizard.


Introduced: 10

Leads a band of nomads who run errands for Baleyg while trying to get home. Occasionally gets rather fed up with his situation.

Special: Trackless. Ambient effects cannot affect Strider.

Special: Longstrider. Summons a directable shadow, and then teleports to it.


Introduced: 27

An miscellaneous servant of Elizabeth's. Unpopular, unassuming, and unimportant.

Special: Bastard. Nobody likes you.


Introduced: 42

Another red character, whom we know very little about yet.

Special: Ghost. Grants short-term invisibility, and a means to bypass King's stasis field.

Special: Thievery. Can teleport items to self.


Introduced: 17

A very smart sorceress working alongside Strider. Has a crazy theory that the worlds are alive.

Special: Wall of Stone. Can summon large, sturdy barriers. Does not need to see the target to do this.

Special: Planeswalker. Can set up dimensional portals, but cannot reliably target a destination. They automatically close if Shanahan moves too far away.


Another green character, apparently with a priestly disposition. Supposed to be weird. Will be displayed as a Rook.

Special: Healing Hands. Touching a dead ally revives them.

Special: Disguise. Can appear as another Entity.